Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New things of all kinds

So my goal for this month was to focus on 30 days of eating more fruits and veggies daily.
So much for that as the last 30 days have taken off with tons of new things.
First, I gave my notice at Ann Taylor after 8 years with them. It was bittersweet after so many years there and amazing relationships built. But, super exciting as I begin a new career with Talbots. So first a new job.
Next, my husband surprised me with a new car! We had been talking that I needed a new car and browsing a few online, but I totally didn't expect one so soon. One night after work I met him at his office and as I came back out from the restroom I found a new key on my key ring. As we wandered around the parking lot we turned the corner to see a beautiful new Honda Civic! So exciting :)
Then, we also sold our house! After a long 8 months on the market we found the perfect buyer! So we reached negotiation and then found our next new home.
Now we find ourselves going through home inspection and all the hassles that comes with it. So for this 30 day seems I've moved on to a spontaneous 30 day adventure of new......Currently driving my new car, taking a week vacation before starting at my new job, and working through the new home purchase!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 10

Ok. So here I am on day 10. Thank goodness I gained my 2 lbs back. LOL :)
I have been good about taking snacks to work and trying to eat a full 3 meals a day. I've been grabbing a plum or apple for breakfast daily. So quick, easy, and yummy to start out right with my coffee.
I found a new favorite snack/dinner item that I'm posting below. Garden Pasta is the best! It has 20 calories less than most pasta, it has a full serving of vegetables in each serving, and it has amazing flavor. I boiled a pot of some garden pasta Monday night for dinner (and of course indulged in some soo bad for me, but sooo yummy to me Texas Toast) and it was a good quick meal for a super rainy TV night in :)
Hope you are able to enjoy some garden pasta soon or a grab and go plum and see fruit and veggies added into your life !

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why not a Drive Thru Fruit Stand?

So I am quickly learning how un-convenient fruit and veggies really are :) lol.
I've been taking little baggies to work with me with carrot sticks or apple slices. That helps a bit to infuse some produce into my life.
However, its so much easier while out and about to pick up a chic-fil-a sandwich all the same. Eating healthy is soo not driven by our culture and fast paced lifestyles.
Wouldn't it be nice if there were a drive-thru fruit stand? Like at every corner? When I lived in Mexico most corners in the city had a sweet little lady and her cart selling pomegranate seeds or fresh fruit. Here in Louisville every corner has some trendy baristas at Starbucks and the long lines at McDonalds.
I picked up some spinach leaves at the store and have been infusing them into salad and sandwiches. And I am in love with slicing up a good ole Granny Smith apple and then pouring over a thin layer of honey :) YUMMY!
So far I have not been dedicated to my 30 day consistently enough, but I did notice I somehow lost 2 pounds. I think that goes back to me not taking lunch breaks or eating enough on work days.
So that's my next goal and challenge.....take this produce month to heart and make sure I'm eating more food in general :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

30 Day Fruit/Veggie Challenge

Good morning. I kicked my new 30 day challenge off with a goal to eat more fruit and veggies. We are suppposed to consume 6-8 servings daily. Wow! I am nowhere near that.
So I'm not saying I will start off with that many consistent, but that's where I hope to get to.
I'm not trying to lose weight with it, but I want to see how it affects:
-whatever else :)
So this morning I met a co-worker at Starbucks and had an oatmeal with 1 serving of dried fruit mix. Yummy. Probably a bit processed, but a start.
Weight is 106 lbs. and I feel really good right now. (I also feel good b/c I'm enjoying my coffee from home with creamer and it kicks Starbucks coffee's butt :) lol)
I'm shooting to be as consistent about the fruit and veggie challenge as possible. Here's to a new 30 day challenge!!!!
Anyone else want to join in the fruit/veggie challenge? ;)

30 day Teeth Whitening Mouth rinse test

This is day 1 of my mouth wash rinse test.
Notice that my teeth are not glowing as much as the below picture! (Also, the below picture the sun is blinding :) )
This is day 30 of my mouth wash teeth whitening rinse test. I could totally "feel" a difference on my teeth. The bottle recommends that you use it no more than twice a day. You rinse your mouth out with the product and then brush your teeth. I have to stay that Yes, my teeth did "feel" so much fresher and smoother to surface touch. As far as "whiter" hmm....perhaps a little bit. Mostly, I think my husband is on to something with his rinsing his mouth out with water after drinking coffee. However, I will still continue to use this product. Its pretty great feeling to the teeth and also helps with tartar protection that I apparently should be caring about as I get older, lol ha ha :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The beginning of the blog

So this blog came about after being at dinner last month with my wonderful hubby and dear friend M. It was like a lightbulb went off through conversation that yes in fact I too was aging and would be 3o soon.
"I stil remember when 30 was old." Deanna Carter sang it back in the 90s and I now knew exactly how she felt. All of a sudden it was like I had lost a couple years or something. How could 30 be so soon approaching?
I was much cheered and forgot the woes of getting older (and grayer) as my husband and I enjoyed a 2 week vaca in Vegas and California. We tried treats from Japanese bakeries we had never heard of. We walked across the heights of the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove 1900 some miles in our brand new rental car which came to us smellin brand new with a whopping 400 miles on it. We ventured across the Mojave Desert. We trotted up and down the Vegas strip. We climbed the hills of San Fran alongside the trolleys and down to the wharf. We enviously watched on as the surfers in San Diego hung ten in the 40 degree waves. We did A LOT!
And I got home and realized, why not keep up the adventure and fun that we all experience on vacation? brings you up to speed on how the 30 somethings until 30 came into being.
For the first month I am trying a new whitening rinse product to see the difference it makes. I'm rinsing my mouth with water after coffee and all those different things to see what effect it has. I'm documenting it in pictures every morning. But kinda boring right?
I can't imagine that you are going to be so excited to come back to this blog and see if the Listerine is brightening my teeth enough to visibly notice! Ha ;)
Here is where I need your help.....
Post a comment, follow the blog, and see what suggestions make it to the final cuts of the next 30 something I will try for my next 30 days.
I've got a few things to commit to in my hat, but I'm curious what my amazing friends and ecletic folk will come up with.
Looking forward to the journey and seeing what comes next for the future 30..... :)